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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my log package?

Your log package from Big Horn Mountain Log Homes generally includes:

  1. Log walls
  2. Loft floor beams in packages that have a loft floor
  3. 2"x6" Tongue & Groove decking for the loft floor
  4. Roof beams: either main ridge and purlins or main ridge and log rafters
  5. 2"x6" Tongue & Groove decking for the roof system
  6. High tensile steel lag screws to fasten the logs
  7. Gasket to place between the log courses
  8. Caulking to seal the joints
  9. Your full set of plans
  10. Your Big Horn Mountain Log Homes Construction Video and Manual bundle
  11. Technical support

In addition your log package may optionally include:

What do I need in addition to my log package?

You will probably need these items to turn your log package into a complete home or cabin:

Please note that this is a brief overview, and some packages need more detailed description. Please contact us for more detail on a particular package.

What is a purlin?

A purlin is any horizontal roof member. A main ridge beam is a purlin.

What are window and door bucks?

Buck is the name given to a strong frame, usually made from rough sawn 2" thick material, built to contain a window or door. This protects the window or door from the effects of settling and shrinkage of the log walls. Bucks are sometimes made from thicker materials sawn from milled logs to create a more decorative effect.

What is the R-Factor of log walls?

Log walls have a property that standard insulation doesn't: Thermal Mass. Thermal mass means a solid material that can retain heat and consequently, give it back. During long periods of cold weather, thermal mass becomes less important, so heating degree days must be taken into account. Because of all that, the National Association of Home Builders has come up with an insulation factor calculation for thermal mass property.

Basically, for most places, the R-Factor of log is approximately 2 per inch of thickness. So a 7" log will have an R-Factor of about 14, an 8" about 16, a 10" about 20 and so on.

What thermal mass really ends up doing for you is this: it tends to make the rooms of your log home have a uniform temperature. You tend to have fewer cold and hot spots.

How much exterior maintenance does a log home require?

Usually more than a frame home with painted siding. The exterior wood of a log home is normally stained to allow the beauty of the wood grain to show. This allows more normal wear of the wood. Use a high quality exterior finish. Lower quality finishes cost less, but don't last very long. There is a much higher cost of maintenance when you have to take the time (or pay someone) to refinish often due to low quality finish. You get what you pay for and this is not a place to scrimp.

What is a Floating Slab?

Floating slab, also known as a monolithic slab, is a foundation and floor system that is made of concrete. The floor and the footings are poured at the same time. Usually the floor is about 4” thick and the footings surrounding the floor are at least 8” thick for a distance of 16 - 24” from the outside of the floor. Usually when using this type of floor system, plumbing and electrical conduit are placed under the floor before pouring. Often in-floor heat pipe is placed within the concrete floor before pour.

We call this a Floating Slab because it floats on or near the top of the ground. This also means that if frost gets under the foundation it can lift up or float up on the frost and then settle down with the ground during thaw. This floating up and settling down can cause some destruction over many cycles of freeze-thaw, usually more than 25 years. This is a low-cost foundation. We recommend only using it in floors 24x32 or smaller.

Do you have a question we didn't answer?

Please ask here. Big Horn Mountain Log Homes will send you a direct answer to your question and may add it to this FAQ.


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